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Quality Products

T-Shirts by HYP prefers to use quality shirts from HYP.  We print directly on the shirts with a state of the art screening process which gives us maximum flexibility and quality for multiple color designs.  Like all embellished garments, your T-shirt should be washed inside out,in cold water, without bleach.  This will provide maximum durability and colorfastness.  Don't tumble dry (or dry clean); instead, hang to dry.  After drying if you must iron, iron on the reverse side only, and never on the image.  

Shirt Sizing

Adult Small - Adult Xtra Large
We carry sizes small, medium, large, and extra large.  Please be aware that T-shirts can shrink up to one full size.  Please contact us at for special sizing needs. 


Unique Artwork reaches out to artist's interested in helping us capture the funny side of a complex industry.  We regularly ask a dozen or more folks to create their own version of the same concept for a T-shirt.  After reviewing all candidates, we print the T-shirt that we think best captures the humor, spirit, and secondary meaning of Wall Street's funnier side.  If you are interested in creating a shirt for us please contact us at